My job application to ISU

When I was writing job applications, I wished I had some references of how others did it. So here are mine…

I’m sorry I lost the solicitation for this, but it was fairly similar to this year’s solicitation.

  • Cover Letter - I would suggest getting this down to one page if you can.

  • Research Statement - Again, get this down to two pages if you can. I think I was rushed on this particularly application and couldn’t find the time to fuss with it.

  • Teaching Statement

  • CV

  • Job Talk - I was asked to give a 90 minute talk, but after my AM meetings, decided that neither the audience or I could sustain that long. I checked with my chair, and we happily agreed that it would just fine if I reduced this to 60 minutes, so I did not present 80 slides! It pays to be flexible.

Best of luck to all those on the hunt to find a great fit!

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