Next Steps: To Infinity and Beyond

The Next Adventure

Starting in January, 2015, I will be beginning my adventure at Iowa State University in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering. There, I’ll be leading up the GERMS lab.

I cannot understate how excited I am about this and how grateful I am to have this opportunity and for the help along the way.

My Plans

You can read my application material on the lab website, but I summarize the gist of it here.

My personal goals for this lab are simple:

  • Use what I’ve learned to make measurable impacts on understanding and managing the microbes around us
  • Create an energetic and productive environment for research
  • Mentor students to become outstanding researchers and people

I’m looking forward to continue some of my on-going research:

  • Understanding the awesome diversity of microbes around us and how to model and manage their impacts on our lives
  • Exploring the impacts of viruses on these communities and our health and environment
  • Development of methods for environmental omic-based methods, connecting the dots between sequencing technologies and understanding complex microbial communities

Some directions I’m looking forward to exploring include:

  • Moving beyond metagenomic discovery and characterization towards modeling and managing communities
  • Improving the available biomarkers to detect and quantify pathogens and antibiotic genes in the environment
  • Developing open-source eductational resources and classes making computational biology more assessible
  • Exploring big data and the role of microbial data in predictive agriculture
  • Many many more…I’m very much looking forward to all the collaborative opportunities at Iowa State.
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